February 2018

By-Laws of the Motor City Beemers Motorcycle Club

Article 1) The Organization shall be known as the Motor City Beemers.

Article 2) The purpose of the organization shall be to pursue, promote, and protect the interests of BMW motorcyclists. To develop better and more enthusiastic relations with the general public and the operators and riders of all motorcycles.

Article 3) The officers of the organization shall be a President, 1st Vice President/Events Coordinator, 2nd Vice President/Ride Coordinator, Treasurer, and Communications Officer.

The duties of the President shall be:

The duties of the 1st Vice President -- Events Coordinator shall be:

The duties of the 2nd Vice President -- Ride Coordinator shall be:

The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

The duties of the Communications Officer shall be:

The immediate past officers may serve as advisors to the current officers when requested.

Article 4) The nomination of club officers will be held at the regular club meeting in April. Nominations may be made from members in attendance or if not in attendance, members may make a nomination in writing to the person selected to act as the Nomination Chairperson. Written nominations must be presented to the nomination chair prior to the start of the April meeting. Voting will take place by the members in attendance at the regular May meeting. Candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected to terms of office lasting one (1) year. Terms shall start and end at the adjournment of the May meeting.

Article 5) The club shall be operated by majority vote (except as amended in the by-laws) of the membership at regular meetings. All members in good standing shall have one (1) equal vote. All issues voted on must pass by a majority of those present. Club officers shall act as the management and administration of the club and represent the club at formal functions.

Article 6) Membership is open to all persons interested in furthering the purpose of this organization. All members are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the rules and by-laws of the organization. Failure to do so could be subject to dismissal. Violations will be handled by vote of the membership at the recommendation of the club officers.

Article 7) Annual dues for the following year will be set at the November meeting and published in the December Newsletter. Memberships will be based on a calendar year from January to January. Membership is divided into two categories, Regular and Associate membership. The Associate membership is available for family members and significant others of a regular member. All dues are to be collected by January 31 of each year. Unpaid members shall not have a vote at meetings or enjoy other club benefits until such time as dues are paid. Club perks include a reduced cost for club members to attend Club special events. The cost will be determined by the officers and a vote of the membership in attendance at the November meeting.

Article 8) Regular meetings shall be held the second Saturday of each month unless otherwise rescheduled for holidays and other special occasions. Changes shall be noted in the club newsletter before the meeting date.

Article 9) Any amendment or proposal to change the By-Laws of the organization shall be submitted to the president, be published in the newsletter and be discussed at a regular meeting before a 2/3ths super majority vote of the members in attendance is called. By-Laws will be reviewed annually during the May meeting.

Article 10) In the event of dissolution of the Motor City Beemers, a 2/3's super majority vote to dissolve the club will be called by the Officers. The officers will contact the full membership of the club with a notice of intent to dissolve the club. The notice will be published in the newsletter giving a date of the final club meeting. Each club member will provide the officers with their vote at the time of contact, or if they plan to attend the final meeting, hold their vote until then. All funds remaining in the treasury will be donated to a charity selected by a 2/3's super majority vote of the membership in attendance at the final meeting.