Off the Beaten Path
2021 Riding Competition


  1. Ride to as many Michigan State Parks as desired between April 1 and October 31, 2021. There are 110 Parks, Scenic Sites, and Recreation Areas which qualify as “Parks” per the Michigan DNR at their website: State Campgrounds and Trails do not qualify for this competition.
  2. Up to 10 photos of a rider with bike or with gear at a recognizable landmark of a Michigan State Park - such as a sign - may qualify that rider for points at that park. Only 1 photo per park will qualify. Photos must be submitted to Nick Holland by December 31, 2021 for acceptance.
  3. If starting from southeast Michigan, points will be awarded based on the straight line distance in miles between BMW Motorcycles of Detroit and each Park, using the Google Maps "Measure Distance" tool to determine the distance between the Dealership and each Park, rounded to the nearest mile. Multi-day trips to multiple Parks that start from southeast Michigan use the Dealership for all distance measurements.
  4. If starting from an "up north" location -- such as from a bike moved by trailer or stored at a vacation home -- use your starting location instead of the dealership to measure your distance. This provides a measure of fairness for out-of-town starting locations.
  5. No cheatin'. Any dispute regarding rules or qualifying photos must be resolved through Josh, whose decision will be final.

Google Map's "Measure Distance" tool is available from the smartphone app with a long press on a location, or with a right mouse click on the website.